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False Advertising and Customer Care Runaround on Online promotion

On Sunday I went online to to purchase a server for a small business I own.  I found a dell online for a PowerEdge T110 which listed it for $659.00.  They had 5 columns with difference order codes and at the top of the column marked "Essential" was a promotion stating "Windows Server already included. Save an extra $200 using Dell Business Credit and coupon DBC200"

Wow...I good deal right? Well I added the order to my cart. I added the coupon to my cart but got a message that I needed to sign in first in order to take advantage of the coupon. I logged in and entered the coupon. I selected Dell Business Credit as my payment option in order to use the coupon. I could not get the system to recognize the coupon.

After much effort trying different options I finally asked for online help from a sales representative online (Masarath). After asking the pertinent questions she said she too saw that the coupon was not being supplied. She would come back occasionally to tell me she was still working on it. She came back and told me " but I guess the order amount doesn't meet the disocunt(sp) criteria". I told her I was looking at the coupon and it did not mention anything about meeting a price criteria and that in fact the coupon was attached to that specific offer.

She told me she had put in a quote, emailed it to me and told me she had to check with the finance team (which were unavailable) . After giving me her number and extension she told me that I should call her back on Monday.

I called her back on Monday. She left me on hold to talk to others, coming back occasionally to tell me she was working on it.  She then said she would have to call me back....she never did.

I called her back today. She said she couldn't do anything for me. I asked to talk to her supervisor, he told me he could not do anything for me.  He told me I had to contact Customer Care and gave me the number.  I talked to numerous people in customer care (Eric, Spencer, Shaik, Shane, etc). I got a complete runaround with my final representative repeatingly telling me that "we can not honor or override a coupon that has already expired". 

The supervisor of sales (or at least he told me he was the supervisor) said that there was no one higher than him that could help me "as the coupon was already expired". It wasn't expired when I started all this!

I have screenshots of the promotional offer, the coupon, the chat log, etc. showing the offer on the website.

I am trying to get this resolved and am still researching who to contact, including Michael Dell. I have been a long time customer of Dell but this would make me think twice before order from them again.

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