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RE: I have to cancel my orders, for some personal reasons. but two orders are in production. Anyone help me?

Once they are in production, it is almost impossible to have them canceled as they are in process of being built.  Dell-Lorna or Dell-Robert may be able to do something however they will not be back until Monday as Customer Care is closed on the weekends.  

One thing you can do (but it takes the most time unfortunately), is to get the new laptops and then turn around and request a refund.  DO NOT reject the shipment as this is not an authorized way to cancel an order.  If you go this route, accept the shipment then call Dell and request a refund.  They will send you a shipping label and RMA and you can ship back the units.  There may be a restocking fee associated with this by the way, however it being the holidays i'm not 100 percent sure a restocking fee applies. 

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