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Lorna M PLease Help. Want a credit for non woking computer

HI Lorna,

I couldn't figure out how to send you a private message sorry.

I ordered a computer in February and it has had nothing but problems. I am a loyal dell costumer and have been for over eight years. When I first got it it wouldn't even turn on for two weeks. The computer I have no has a non-operational CD drive that hasn't worked since I got it even with help from tech support, a very short battery life, and the machine heats up to a very high temperature if it on for over an hour.

As a teacher and college student I need a working computer that is mobile. I do not want this computer because I can not use it. I originally wanted a complete refund but after considering all my good experiences with dell I am willing to accept this as a one time thing. Now I would simply like to return the computer I have now and get a credit to my account so I can purchase a different dell model.

I am extremely unhappy with the computer I have so much that I have not used it in the last month and have spent hours trying to get this problem solved and have gotten rude condescending people who haven't give me any answers besides bouncing me around to the wrong department. 

I understand that is after 30 days but with all the problems I simply cant use it. If nothing can be done I will simply have to sell it on my own and take that money and purchase from a different computer company. Please look into the possibility of getting me credit so I can put that money towards a better more expensive dell model. 

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