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Unfair Treatment and Poor Customer Service

I bought a new laptop in December of 2015. Shortly after, its touchscreen stopped working. I contacted Dell support and they told me to mail my laptop in. I did. Over a month after I sent it in, they emailed me that they cannot fix the issue. This was frustrating, but I figured that I would at least get a new laptop, since Dell couldn't fix their own technical issue on a 2-3 month old laptop. But instead, they sent me a refurbished laptop. I was upset, but I decided that it doesn't matter as long as the laptop works properly. But it didn't!

For some reason, this laptop kept freezing. Everything would freeze very suddenly with no warning. The only solution was to just press the power button until it shut down. Sometimes this happened up to 5 times per hour. 5 times! That means that every 12 minutes anything I was working on was screwed and I had to sit and wait while it started back up again. It is such a pain in the neck; I can get no work done.

I've tried contacting Dell about this several times (via phone, via chat, via Facebook, via email), yet every time they either had reasons to refuse to help me or they gave me poor advice. Not to mention that when I try to call them, I cannot understand the representatives because of their accents. I'm not trying to be mean or racist or anything like that. I am foreign myself and it is difficult to understand English by ear in the first place. 

I am EXTREMELY upset by this. Not only did Dell send me a refurbished laptop instead of a new one, but they are now refusing to help me with the consequences of that action. 

I am very lost and very angry. Can someone help me or give me advice?

Thank you for reading such a long post.

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