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Alienware 17r4 2017 model Issue

Hi Mam,

This is my first attempt contacting someone higher from alienware tech support. I had a very bad experience dealing with them . Please allow me to post my sentiment and experience with them about my Issue.

Hi Allan
My laptop error again.bluescreen error stop code clock watchdog and after rebooting it freeze again..reboot again.
Can you please help and advice this is not technical support request. This is costumer care request. This error issue occurs multiple times I am hoping to get purchased computer with equal or greater value for a reason I choose Alienware.My first alienware 17xr3 never had single issue but why after upgrading to new model this is what im getting. My expectation with this brand plus with costumer service.


Hello Anusha

Sorry for contacting you I'm not sure if you are the right person.
I would like to bring a matter to your attention with my experience from alienware service.
I am very very disappointed that after long hours and days spend contacting them and talk with them they are not able to help me to fix my Issue with my alienware laptop.
I called again Alienware today because of the issue with my laptop  and then I explained my laptop issue, someone is helping me to ran some test and  he has control on my monitor I told him what was wrong he saw that my computer is freezing while we are connected so he ask me to boot again. after trying everything testing the vcard and cpu and open my game to try all was fine he said but he actually didn't fix anything just ran some test since he didn't see any further issue and he think the freezing is fixed, then we hang up after 1 min I close my game then it freeze again so I try to rush call him back to explain again unfortunately I wasn't able to get back to the same because I don't have his direct contact.. so I call alienware number and then talking to different person so I ask if he can help me to connect to the same person so from there he said he will help me, which is fine but I have to repeat my situation again I ask again and he keep on refuse to help me connect to him he ask question I have to repeat many times the same answer, he is started laughing at me and makes me feel being mistreated and he put me on hold he said 2mins after 5 mins he never get back to me.. twice happen with the same person name sounds "jaz". 
I hope you are not tolerating this kind of action of your staff because as dell costumer do not deserve this poor service from alienware tech support
This laptop still under warranty. I would like to file formal complain to your office.. if this issue has been resolve immediately or not get any response from dell I will contact my bank to stop the payment. and file a formal case.
Thank you for taking time and consideration


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