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30 year relationship with Dell ended today

A long relationship with Dell with many PC purchases for home, business, family and friends ended today when a tech support service supervisor called me a liar. 

2 years ago I purchased an inspiron laptap with a 32 gb HD for the occasional internet search and email use.  Shipped with Windows 10 and Office 360. Worked ok until MS released a Win 10 update and there wasn’t enough room on the HD to install it. Windows update assistant ran continuously and slowed performance to a crawl. 

Called tech support was told that Dell no longer sold machies with such small drives. I asked about options. I was offered two: turn off updates or attach an external drive and install the new OS there. I opted for the former. The tech remotely accessed my laptop and suspended Windows updates. This lasted about a week. Shelved the machine for a few months. 

Called tech support recently and asked for help installing update to an external HD. Repeated efforts to remotely access the machine failed. Support decided to have me send in the laptop for diagnosis and repair. It was returned within days with a note that said the motherboard was replaced and that was thoroughly tested. I turned it on and after a 2 minute diagnostic test Dell Support Assistant reported there was no bootable device found. I opened the panel and indeed the HD was missing. 

I called tech support to find out how this could happen. I asked for a supervisor. I explained the history and that I wanted a HD of sufficient size to support the WIN 10 update. I was told this was ot possible even though the machine was still under warranty. I asked to escalate this issue to a higher level. 

Got a call today saying that the machine was purchased with a 32 gb drive and that tech support could only replace with the same item and install the OS version that it was shipped with. When I said that wouldn’t solve to problem of the update I was offered no other option other than to buy a new laptop with a bigger drive  

When I asked what happened to my HD and how could the laptop be returned to me without it I was told in no uncertain terms that that error could not happen then I was asked how I could prove that the HD was there when I shipped it. I was stunned. 

I ended the argument with no resolution. This was a conversation with a second level supervisor. And I thought Comcast customer service <Profanity removed>. 

Goodbye Dell. You win but you lose  



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