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Re: 30 year relationship with Dell ended today

Yes, you do need more than a 32GB to upgrade windows.  I have a 11.6" from a different manufacture with version 1703, unable to upgrade to ver 1809.  I just leave it there and the updates are for 1709.  That was a huge issue, when everyone was selling the 11.6"  with 32GB.  I never thought about it at the time, a year ago, either.  I never tried doing the external HD for WIN upgrade, as only used for email, surfing, cloud, but still was disappointing.  I think the message was, I am 2GB short of accepting the upgrade.  I checked everything to make sure I had cleared all available space.  

That is another thing, when DELL returned less the 32HD.  They probably didn't have a spare HD, or just didn't prefer to make the customer happy in any some shape or form.  I guess they can carry the big stick and DELL is always right.  I don't blame you for being upset with the events.   Sorry to here of your shortfall.

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