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RE: False Advertising and Customer Care Runaround on Online


I wanted to buy a privacy filter for my newly purchased Dell inspiron 14 7000 laptop which is advertised online 34.99 CAD instead of regular price 54.99CAD today march 12, 2019 see link

When I was going through online checking out  process it showed price 54.99 CAD. When chatting online with an agent, Dell didn't accept to grant me the advertised online price as of today 34.99 CAD,  saying that the price shown on the check out (54.99CAD) is the right price and it takes 24 hours to see this regular price advertised again online. And above all, the Dell agent chatter said to me: that she was willing to grant me the promotion price 34.99 CAD but The TOOLS don't permit to do so....I let the readers comment on this!!!!!  I am completely disappointed. Do you think this is right and honest way to deal with a Dell Loyal customer ? 

P.S. : I have just bought in January 3rd 2019 Dell Inspiron 14 7472 laptop; and by the way, I have just got  (11 march 2019) my pending advantage rewards.

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