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Re: Dell does not post my post

I didn't see any words that were flagged off automatically but I do want to share my experience: 

From Dell online, I ordered a brand new, light weight laptop with the latest CPU, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD for my frequent travel, high computation, and multitasking work needs. This is my first time to order a Dell laptop after many years of Lenovo. I thought Dell’s might be more robust than Lenovo since my latest Lenovo Yoga suffered memory errors due to overworking. Yesterday I received the package delivered by FedEx who didn’t ring doorbell nor requested signature. But let’s focus on Dell only.

Once I opened the shipping box, one power unit fell out and then another. One unit is in a sealed plastic bag. The other is not in any packaging material. Both are not fixed or protected. As I pulled out the content carefully, I was totally shocked. The laptop is in an opened plastic bag supported by two paper packaging material only. There is no box. This kind of packaging does not protect electronic devices in transportation process nor isolate the devices from environmental elements. Even a refurbished or open-box laptop or even an earphone would have been packaged much better than this. Besides the content list is a piece of poorly copied paper (see picture) rather than a printed paper. With such poorly packaged laptop, I could not trust it’s quality. The whole package is totally unacceptable.


Shipping_and_packaging.JPGThis is what looked like after open the shipping box.I had to spend time calling customer support and went to UPS to return this one. The customer support agent promised to expedite a new laptop. However, this experience lowered my confidence for Dell's capability of resolving the issue satisfactarilly.  


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