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Dell authorized a return for my laptop, then refused it and they won't return it to me!

We are a brand new Dell business client with a large credit line. We ordered a laptop in error (too small) and purchased a larger one to replace it. We initiated a return online and used the return label provided by Dell. It was received by Dell, but we weren't notified of next steps, so I had to call for follow up -- more than 30 minutes on the phone.

The very condescending reps I spoke with advised that the return was requested too late (within days of the 30 day policy) and that Dell will not return the laptop too me, even though we have been charged for it! So we are stuck paying for a laptop that we don't even have. They went on to say that the return labels are generated no matter if the return is out of policy. This seems illegal to me, no matter what their policy.

This is insane. Has anyone else experience this? I'm not giving up on it... <Non-public info removed>, etc.

Thank you!

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