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Re: 30 year relationship with Dell ended today

I too am getting to that point of not doing business with Dell. This is my third laptop. Before that I had a home computer. The new one I have has Premium insurance on it and I'm glad now that I purchased that insurance but....I'm getting tired of Dell for one reason. Their communication skills are lacking. You would think once you call a rep that a history is created so that if you call again that rep can access the information and pass it on. This is not the case I'm afraid in the 21st Century. We're still sending a little boy on a pony with a note and he's getting lost on the way.....Oh. I don't like Windows 10. Three times I've had that reinstalled. Bill Gates can spend some of that money of his on keeping an operating system that has proven itself instead of developing new ones that keep failing. Seriously thinking about getting an Apple brand and doing away with Microsoft all together.

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