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"Secure Innovations TCS Service" hangs the UserProfile Creation

Hello All.  We noticed recently as we are working on our Windows 10 migration there was a problem after we installed DDPE verions

If we prep a clean Windows 10 image and installed Dell Data Protection Credant Encryption product.  There are no issues until another user try to log in for the first time.  When a new user logs in, the desktop will load with no icons on the desktop and the system is no longer responsive.

We discovered that if we disable the "Secure Innovations TCS Service", then we delete the corrupted user profile in "C:\Users" and then delete the ProfileLIst in the registry.  Then the user is able to log back in successfully and their profile is created successfully.  At this point, you can turn back on this service if you need it and there are no issues.

The problem only occurs for new users logging in for the first time on the system when their User Profile is created.

What I did next was try to isolate the problem by installing DDPE on a clean system by itself with nothing on it.  The service will install, but it's not running.

What I would like to know is "What enables this service"?  Is there another software program that enables this service?  For instance, maybe when McAfee runs a scan?  Or maybe something else?
Yes, I know we can disable it in the GPO, but would turning off this security feature compromise our system?  I understand it's used for finger print log in and encryption, but we don't use finger print scanning on our hardware.

Any feedback would be great.

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