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RE: Newbie Help - OME Setup - Email Alerts Not Working

The latest version for OME is the 2.1 version, although I don't think that will fix your issue it is a good idea to use the latest version. The software can be found at

The SNMP alerts you are configuring are not from OMSA but the iDRAC, OMSA is not capable of sending SNMP alerts by it self. The settings you are doing are changing the iDRAC through the OMSA GUI. If you what SNMP alerts that come from OMSA and the OS you need to configure the Windows SNMP trap services. This will send Windows and hardware traps, that being said the best way to start is to only send traps from the iDRAC to the OME server.

Alert Action are only processed once when the alert initially is received by the OME server.

Please check the following:

  1. In the iDRAC check the alerts page and send a test trap to see if it arrives in OME if not please check all the firewalls.
  2. In OME make sure you have configured the SMTP server under the settings tab and check that you are allowed to use the mail server as a relay.
  3. In the Alert action make sure everything is configured properly and send a test mail to check if it works.
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