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Non-Inventoried Systems on OME 2.1

I've done some googling around, and haven't found a satisfactory answer..

We have ~15 servers that are discovered, but will not inventory, this is out of about 500.

The main ones I'm focused on, that are giving me issues all run XenServer 6.2, running OMSA 7.4.  That said, we have roughly 90 servers that fit this description, and of those 90 a total of 5 show up under Non-Inventoried.

Discovery is via SNMP, I can run the SNMP test and return System Name, OMSA version(7.4.0), SM version(4.4.0), and the invcol version (7.4.1 BLD_273).  Under the Manage -> Devices tab, the server is not under warning or error, and I can see proper Device Summary, OS Information, etc., and all is accurate, however under Manage -> System Update, it will remain under Non-Inventoried.  This has an identical setup to a neighbor machine (same hardware, same software) which has been inventoried fine (it actually has 6 neighbors with same hardware/software, that are all inventoried correctly).


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