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OME 2.4 UDP ports remain open Tcpip error 4266 network connection issues

Hi, have been having some false positive alerts and investigating further found I could not connect to the server hosting OME.

There are events being logged by Tcpip 4266 'A request to allocate an ephemeral port number from the global UDP port space has failed due to all such ports being in use.'.

Looking in netstat I see many ports (thousands) with local addresses of zeros, foreign address as a wildcard and the PID as DSM_OMSE_Netmon_64.

If I restart the service the ports clear down.

Full disclosure - I did have an issue upgrading to 2.4 because the database didnt have enough space to perform the backup and upgrade. Unfortunately the databsase backup failed but the upgrade attempted as part of the installer then failed. This left the database empty. I was able to solve the root cause of the failure (disk space), recovered the database from our own backup and carried on the upgrade. Unfortunately everything wasn't perfect, I had to recreate some of the discovery rules (but not all).

I want to try and avoid a solution that involves a full reinstall or recreating all the discoveries. If possible.


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