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ANNOUNCEMENT: OpenManage Essentials 2.5 is available now

Hi OME Users,

We are excited to announce the launch of OpenManage Essentials (OME) version 2.5. For a complete list of features and enhancements, documentation and white papers, please visit the OpenManage Essential TechCenter page.

Download OpenManage Essentials and Manuals.

Key NEW features & enhancements available with OpenManage Essentials v2.5:

  • Support for the MX7000 chassis (as a standalone chassis and as a lead chassis in an MCM group):
    • Discovery, inventory, monitoring and status polling
    • Alert recognition and traps classification
    • System updates
    • Configuration template creation and deployment
    • Configuration compliance and remediation
    • VLAN configuration on the MX7000 chassis
  • Support for the following devices:
    • Latest 14th generation PowerEdge servers
    • PowerEdge MX7000 modular chassis and enclosed blade servers
    • VxFlex Ready Nodes


  • Enhanced view to display catalog baselines associated to the custom device groups.
  • Enhanced logic for updates via iDRAC to help reflect correct reboot requirements to minimize downtime for servers.
  • Upgrade failure issue, in rare cases, due to database operation timeout has been resolved.

Thanks for using and supporting OpenManage Essentials.