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Re: CD-Rom drive won't read mini CDs

okay - went into BIOS and did not see a clear cut place to turn off that second drive, the DVD drive.  In fact, the only place I saw the drive listed was under the Advanced tab, under the Secondary IDE Master setting (which it apparently is).  I checked out the values there and there was a UDMA setting which was currently at Auto, and I could set to Disable, but was unsure if that was the right place to go.  Also, worried that if the DVDRom is the master and I disable the master that somehow the CDRom, as the slave, might not startup properly.  If you could shed more light on this, please do.  And if I was in the right place to disable the thing (without repercussions), let me know.

While on the topic of BIOS, can you think of any reason why a setting the the BIOS wouldn't hold upon startup.  Specifically, I have the NUMLOCK set to ON in Bios and the stupid thing never comes on upon startup.  I always have to manually turn it on.

Thanks - Satiria

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