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Re: CD-Rom drive won't read mini CDs

Hello, this was an interesting thread to me!

I have a similar problem, indeed the opposited problem.

I am running on a Dell Precision 330 workstation, delivered some years ago with original CD-ROM reader, Lite-On LTN486 48x Max ATA Device.

I need to reset the CD reader to its original state. The reader has been working fine for several years, recently I put an 8 cm mini CD in it and could read its content fine.

However, after performing this action I cannot read normal CD disks anymore, the computer doesn't accept normal 12 cm CD disks but still working with 8 cm mini CD disks. I cannot reboot computer from CD for now. Not even cold restart resets the CD reader to normal state.

Obviously, there should be a setting in the BIOS which causes this undesired behavior. Possibly, the Lite-On LTN486 48x Max ATA Device firmware needs to be reset.

Very grateful for tips and tricks on this point.

Although the problem obviously not is related directly to the operating system I have the Windows Vista and the Windows XP installed in different partitions.

Many thanks in advance for your support!




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