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Re: Inspiron 600m--Blue Screen (Error Codes 0F00:0228, 0F00:0428, and 0F00:0462)

amir_ferdosi wrote:
I have an Inspiron 600m and recently began getting the Blue Screen of Death. I ran a diagnostic and got the error codes 0F00:0228, 0F00:0428, and 0F00:0462.

This is a laptop I use to run my small business. I have the files I need backed up, but need to be able to use the lap top. Can someone help me with the following questions:

1) Do I need a new hard drive?  Depends.  WHERE in the diagnostic process did you get the error codes?  If during the hard drive test, then YES, you need a new one.
2) If so, where would the best place to get one be?  Newegg.
3) Do you need special tools/experience to replace the hard drive?  No.  Click on Tech Support tab above, the Manuals.
4) Would reformatting the laptop help?   Not in the slightest.
5) Where can I get instructions for reformatting?  Posted many times per day on the forum, also the Tech Support tab above has reinstall guides.

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