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Re: Empty optical drive ejects randomly (every 2-15 mins)

first try upgrading the firmware on the drive. this is different than the drivers or the bios version. if that does not work, try this and let me know... i have heard of this on some older laptops... it is worth a shot in the dark. try both separately so we know what worked....


--Restore Setup Defaults
Follow the appropriate steps below for your system:
1. Restart your computer.
2. At the first text on the screen or immediately after the Dell logo appears,
press the <F2> key every three seconds until the message Entering Setup appears.
3. When the System Setup screen appears, press <Alt> + <F> keys at the same
time to resotre the defaults. (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, IF YOU HAVE A CUSTOMIZED BIOS, MAY HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT AGIAN - not a big deal)
4. Press the <Esc> key.
5. Press the <Enter> key to save changes and exit.
Your computer restarts.

--check if the drive ejects in bios.

To enter into Bios please perform the following.

Restart the system.
Keep tapping the F2 as soon as you see the initial dell logo key to Enters
System Setup menu (i.e. the bios screen)

2.Press the eject button on the front of the CD drive.

3. Restart and try it out.
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