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Re: 2nd hard drive installed in inspiron 531. sata ports not enabled

Hi, Found this, more HERE. This HERE says you should have SATA 2 + 3. The reason why my SATA 2and 3 are greyed out, is the fact that there are no connectors on the mobo. Also make sure you have the latest BIOS. If your SATA 2 + 3 are greyed out, it might be down to your BIOS or your chipsets. Have you done a reinstall using your disc's, if so, then your drivers were put on in the wrong order.

Recommended Drive Cable Connections

  • Connect serial ATA hard drives to connectors labeled "SATA0" or "SATA1" on the system board.
  • Connect serial ATA CD or DVD drives to connectors labeled "SATA2 " or "SATA3" on the system board.

Connecting Drive Cables

When you install a drive, you connect two cables—a DC power cable and a data cable—to the back of the drive.



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