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Re: Reisntalling Windows XP the original product key isn't accepted

Actually I have 2 Dell desktop computers, a brand new XPS 430 with Vista and an old Dimension 4500 with XP. The old one worked until a few weeks ago, then I had to purchase the new one. Some of my video-editing software doesn't work with Vista, so I am trying to install XP on a the new hard-disk, which is a separate partition of the new Dell XPS 430. In this case I am using a copy of the original XP CD that I made with nLite to insert the raid drivers and updated to SP3 to include the new drivers, as it was suggested by Dell support because the new computer has no floppy. The installation proceeds well until it asks for the product key and then says it is not valid. To use this video-editing software, that costs more than the computer, I need to have XP in a separate partion of the new one. How can I do it, considering that I have legal CDs both of XP and Vista?

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