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Re: Dell Studio 15 Laptop Disk Drive not working issue


I have the same laptop and I've had the same problem. I've found a solution: 

What actually happens

The hardware gets disabled. I'm not sure how or when this happens, but I'm guessing it's some power-saving feature that doesn't reverse itself.

How to fix it 

  1. Open Device Manager. Easiest way is to click the start button, type "Device Manager" and press enter
  2. Expand 'DVD/CD-ROM drives'. Do this by clicking on the Triangle next to the words.
  3. Identify your DVD ROM and double click on it. Mine is called "TSSTcorp DVD+-RW ...". The properties window will open.
  4. Select the 'Driver' tab.
  5. Click the 'Enable' button. (2nd from bottom of the list of buttons)
  6. Click OK. Your drive should work now. Hopefully it started up with a triumphant 'whuuzzzzzz'

I Hope this helps.

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