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Re: SAMSUNG 256 gb SSD Firmware Update for Windows 7 TRIM?

Here is somewhat of an update from Samsung.  I contacted them directly after all of the Dell representives said they did not know about a Samsung FW update for this drive.  Note that the only way for the drive to be updated is by sending back to the manufacturer.  This is something that I believe Dell should address directly.  As of now, every tech I speak with does not know about the drive or Firmware.  I was hoping this would be a good forum to get in touch with Dell with an accurate response.


Thank you for your inquiry to Samsung Semiconductor.

Again, we did not sell that type of drive to general customer on the market as explained earlier. Please send us your proof of invoice as you commented. We´ll review your source of purchase and provide the service accordingly.

As explained, VBM19D1Q FW drive can not be updated to Trim FW because it configured as DELL specific design. The only way to update the FW is we have to reset the drive in the factory.

And I´m supervising all of SSD technical support in Samsung US and please contact in here if you have any further question.

If you have any further questions, please send us more question again or visit our Homepage(

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Samsung Electronics Co,.Ltd.

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