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M15X CD/DVD Drive Issues

I have an Alienware M15X that has had several issues. I have gotten them fixed with my warranty in the past, one issue was with the power cord and the other issue was with the CD/DVD drive. Now I am having an issue with my CD/DVD drive again, when I put a disk in it starts the whirring noise for like 1-2 seconds, then stops and makes clicking "tsk" noises for a few seconds. It does this cycle a few times before stopping and popping up asking me if I want to burn a disk with the supposed blank disk I entered.
The driver is up to date, I've uninstalled/reinstalled, system restored, nothing seems to help. This being the second time this problem has happened, it's beginning to get very frustrating.

TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-T633C ATA Device

One reason I need my disk drive to work is so I can do a complete system restore, the last time I did a complete system restore my Alien Respawn was gone so it installed normal Windows 7 instead of the Alienware Windows 7. But if my disk drive doesn't work I can't use my system disk.

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