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Re: Error code: 2000-0146

Hi Maya2013,

Welcome to Dell Community.

Let me first appreciate the fact that you have tried the steps yourself to isolate the problem.

Error code: 2000-0146 (DST Log contains previous errors) refers to previous errors in the hard drive which might not really be a hardware failure. In order to confirm this, I recommend you to run a custom test on the Hard drive which takes longer time than the Pre-boot System Assessment which you have already performed on the computer but it will give the accurate result.

Once the Pre-boot System Assessment is completed, the computer will give you an option to “Run the remaining memory test”, please select “No”.  Then the computer will launch the 32-bit Diagnostics from the utility partition (if available).

After the diagnostics is launched, in the main menu, please click on “Custom Test”, then select the “Hard drive” and click on “Run Tests”. If the test completes without any error then the hard drive is fine and PC Restore can be performed to restore the computer back to the factory condition (which will result in data loss).

Please refer to the following article for more information on running the Dell 32-bit Diagnostics Utility:

If you have any further questions feel free to reply.

Thanks & Regards
Kalyan S

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