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Re: Error code: 2000-0146


I've posted this same issue in the Desktop Forum under "Drive Self-Test (DST) log contains previous error(s)".

After the 2000-0146 (Drive Self Test) code occurs, you don't have any option to continue running the PSA, only to reboot the system. Moreover, I have run the Dell 32-bit Diagnostics from a CD and the Hard drive tests all pass without any error (it is a new drive).

When you run PSA with no drives present, it gives a different code saying No Hard Drive Found or something, but after connecting the drive, you still see 2000-0146.

But-- even after clearing the CMOS memory, I am still getting the 2000-0146 code when I run PSA assessment. Can you think of any other way to clear that out? Where is that being saved? It doesn't seem like that should be happening.


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