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Re: Duo blue screening

Yes restored to factory image is what I did.  I got the "bad controller driver" before I restored the factory image.  It was blue screening the machine after about 5 minutes MOL with that message.  I updated the BIOS and the controller driver but neither helped.  I figured I had nothing to lose at that point so I backed up what I could and then tried to re-image back to factory.  I have also scanned the drive for viruses both from within Windows (before the reimage) and several times using Linux USB boots.  No viruses were found.  I have run the diagnostics multiple times no errors were reported.  When doing the virus scans from within Windows they would complete and then blue screen.  One time it blue screened during the Windows scan.  Once I did that I am now blue screening and getting the stop code I gave.  I have actually tried 3 times to put the factory image back on same blue screen same stop code each time after the restart.

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