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I don't want to have RAID at all in Poweredge 2950


I am in possession of a Dell Poweredge 2950 with 2 x 2TB Segate disks.

The thing is for some reasons, I do not want to have any sort of RAID configuration on this server and the reason is I want to install ESXi on one disk and add it to vCenter then I want to use 2 other disks from other servers (existing datastores in vCenter - vmfs file system) so that virtual machines are detected automatically and I can then register them.

I tried installing ESXi 5.1 on it without having the RAID configuration but it only detects my USB stick. I really don't want to have RAID at all! what's the workaround?

My other question is that if I install ESXi on a configured RAID-1 and then I insert another disk with existing data, is there any chance vmwware ESXi detects the new disk or I have to format it and add it to the existing array?

Thank you for helps~~ 

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