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RE: Experience with System Center Update Provider from Dell and BIOS

dave787 - I talked with the owner of the Dell SCUP catalog yesterday, and confirmed that what you're seeing is 'by design' - we hashed it out a bit yesterday, and I think we agree that's not a desired state - we (Dell catalog) should be doing is expiring the old update, but leaving them in the catalog for an extended period of time - maye 6 months or a year from when it's expired? we need to remove them eventually, because if not, it would cause significant bloat to the catalog.

I'm not sure of the time frame to change this feature - I'm sure it will be a few months, but no firm timeline at this point - I will try to remember to update this thread when the catalog has been modified to keep 'expired' updates.

Thanks for your feedback, and helping to improve the product.

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