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RE: cctk.exe --tpmactivation=activate does not work on any of my models

Hello guys,

i am having the same Problems on my Dell Latitude 6320 and 6520 machines.
if i enter the cctk.exe --tpmactivation=activated in the command line i get the "tpmactivation=activated" message but in the BIOS it is still deactivated.
here is what i tried already
- command during Winpe (CCTK boot CD)
- installed CCTK.msi and entered command in W7x64 OS
- integrated CCTK in SCCM boot image and put the commands during Winpe
- build CCTK Package for SCCM an run commands in Task sequence after OS is applied
- tried Warren´s script with "cscript.exe //nologo SampleTrustedPlatformModuleActivation.vbs localhost" (should localhost work??)
- upgraded BIOS to A06

Setting the BIOS PW and switching on the TPM works.. only the activation seems to work but does not.
Any ideas what else i could try??

best regards

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