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RE: cctk.exe --tpmactivation=activate does not work on any of my models

I have the same problem here. CCTK works fine except tpmactivation! I run CCTK (x86, Version 2.0.1) from a batch file inside WinPE. I run the following command:

cctk.exe -i MODEL.cctk

cctk.exe --tpm=on --valsetuppwd=PW

cctk.exe --tpmactivation=activate --valsetuppwd=PW

In the *.cctk file I set some general BIOS settings and also the setup password. The other two command run without an error, but after rebooting the system the TPM is on but not activated. The funny thing is, that the activation works on the Dell Latitude E6410 (A11) but it does not work with these models:

- Latitude E4300 (A24)

- Latitude E6400 (A31)

- Latitude D630 (A17)

Did someone manage to activate the TPM on the models above?

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