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Re: Optiplex 990 Disk? Issue

I actually got in touch with someone that is better (Dennis, if you look into the notes - he's a good egg). He's having the motherboard replaced at request of his supervisor - which doesn't seem like the problem, unless I got a whole bad batch. If it's still broken after he's going to send me up to the next level people to talk about compatibility or driver issues. Not the best, but at least it's progress.

I'm going to send you the case# privately, in case you're still interested. It seems every time I call back I get a better tech, so maybe I'll just keep calling until I get someone that has seen this issue.

As an aside, I got the idea from a coworker to call up Seagate to see if they have any information on compatibility with my other hardware. The tech I talked to stated that while it technically should work in its current (non-encrypted) form, he couldn't be sure. But turning on the encryption would probably break the RAID and render the machine unbootable.

Therefore I've requested from my boss requisition of a non-SED set of disks to attempt to do the same install on, and hopefully he'll approve and talk to his Dell rep. It seems that if we can't encrypt the drives anyways, there's no sense in having them installed.

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