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Re: Optiplex 990 Disk? Issue

Hello, I have tried the following versions, but nothing had helped.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology  -

Dell version -, A07

Intel version -

Bios - A07 (I believe this was the version when we received the systems), A10 and A11

HDD Part Number -

Dell - XDNFF or PPWYH, Manufacture - Seagate ST250LT007-9Z14C (Momentus Thin 250GB)

All other drivers (Video, NIC, etc.) have been updated to the latest as well, but nothing has helped.  I have turned off all power options, moved the PCs into an OU with no GPOs applied, but nothing has helped.  I have tried everything that I can think of, but after 3 or so days the systems just slow down and must be powered off.  The Seagate drives were aligned, verified using Paragon Alignment Tool, RST shows the RAID to be in good shape.  Nothing is captured in Event Viewer, Task Manager, Performance Monitor or Process Explorer.  They just simply start to slow down.

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