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RE: Latitude E6440 OSD "installing devices" pause

Hi Eric,

Thank you for choosing Dell and for using our driver cab. I had a few questions regarding this to root cause this issue although it does look like issues related to specific drivers...

Have you used the same setup(SCCM/tasksequence) to deploy to a different model and you see different results? - You could replace the "cab file" and any wmi query that filters the model out..

Did you get a chance to see the error code that comes up during the BSOD. If yes please do share with us.

I am just trying to arrange a provision for you to share the logs (setupapi logs) and crash dump(BSOD). Studying them might help us figure out which driver is causing this delay. Also our tests didn't show such a behaviour. But I will try that too at my end.




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