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RE: E7450 SCCM Build


We are having the same Problem here. SCCM 2012 is used. The Boot-Images have mounted Windows PE 5.0.

Problem-Models: E5550 E7450

Issue: Installing with x86 Driver works fine. Trying to install a Notebook with the x64 Drivers note possible. "The Network Adapter is in no Status blablabla".

So my first Problem with dell is, that they had time since the release of the 5550 to solve this Problems. And now we still have those issues.

2. The Drivers like describet under:

can only be imported if a Little Change is made to the *.inf file itself:



; e1d64x64.INF (Intel 64 bit extension Platform Only,
; Windows 8.1 64 bit extension)

; Intel(R) Gigabit Network connections

Signature   = "$Windows NT$"
Class       = Net
ClassGUID   = {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Provider    = %Intel%
CatalogFile =
DriverVer   = 07/31/2014,

%Intel%     = Intel (I had to delete those AMDcodes)

ExcludeFromSelect = \


; DisplayName                   Section              DeviceID
; -----------                   -------              --------

Ist there a working solution for this Problem?
I need a solution ASAP!

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