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RE: Diagnostic Log Question


 There is no document like that, that I am aware of.   Doesn't mean one could not be written.  

Short version is the diag logs are the output of various proprietary commands that dump the logs, the group DB, info about cache, H/W status, network status,.drive history, etc.   As a block device the array doesn't  have access to the flies.  Individual blocks are arraigned in 15MB pages.  Each page could have different parts of a volume on it.  Data on the pages isn't sequentially used.  So even if the controller could get to the data, it's like unscrambling an egg to the OS EQL uses to boot the controller.  The software handling network, iSCSI and all admin operations are handled by EQL code.   Only HTTP:/SSH/Telenet/ftp are handled by the default OS.  

 Re: RCA.  Without the complete diags I would say it's impossible to determine RCA.  Additionally, the logs are circular, so the longer you wait, the more likely some data will be rolled out of the logs. 

ReSmiley Surprisednsite.  No, the field technicians are training to replace the failed H/W not triage. 



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