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run a "show" command remotely against an Equallogic

We have several Equallogic that are in an extremely secure environment. Monthly we need to generate a report showing that the firmware of each member is not changing or being altered. Right now, that is a manual process which requires a lot of paperwork. I need a way to run a "show member" command, or similar, that shows the current firmware installed. That output would be written to a file which is actively monitored by another software package for changes. This would allow the entire process to be automated and eliminate a lot of monthly paperwork. I have tried using plink but no matter what, it doesn't seem plink interfaces with the Equallogic correctly as ever command returns similar errors like "Unsupported command: show member". If possible, we need the simplest way to do this, preferably without installing additional software, as that also requires lots of paperwork since that additional software will need to be monitored for changes and security patches. 

Anyone know a simple way to run a "show" command against an Equallogic?

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