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Separating SAN members

Hi all,

So I came to work for a customer that setup their PS6500 and PS5000 series SANs in the same Equallogic group.  I've been trying to find some information about trying to separate these members since the PS5000 is EOL and that it won't support later firmware versions (I was told by Dell that the PS5000 shouldn't upgrade past firmware rev 7.1.xx.  This may be incorrect.).  I also saw where having the 5000 and 6500 isn't supported being in the same group.  (this may be wrong also.) 

If what I'm stating is true, then I'm kind of stuck with this 5000 and 6500 being in the same group.  I can't lose the data that's on either SAN.  The 6500 is our production SAN while the 5000 is being used for some backups and archiving.  I need to be able to move the 5000 out of the group with the 6500 and I guess make it's own group possibly.  The volumes are in their own Storage Pool (i.e. volumes on the 6500 are on Prod Storage Pool while volumes created for the 5000 are in their own Storage pool). 

I'm not sure where to go from here.  It looks like attempting to remove the PS5000 member it wants these volumes to be moved to another storage pool where I don't have enough space to move it to the production storage pool. 

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