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Re: run a "show" command remotely against an Equal

PLINK is part of the putty suite which is already installed on the server    I downloaded the host scripting tools but am unable to get them to work. Because of some extreme regulations, what software I can install is very limited. Right now, the server already has Python 3.5 installed from I can't seem to get it to work to execute a simple command against our Equallogics though. No matter what I try, I get a syntax error. I've tried several different variants but nothing seems to work.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Python36-32>python -t -g groupipaddress -a grpadmin -p password show member
File "", line 35
example: echo "pass" | %(pn)s -g psg_group -a grpadmin grpparams show""" % { "pn" : sys.argv[0] }
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

There has got to be a way to execute a simple command from a windows server without installing a whole bunch of third party software. 


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