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Best Practice - Volume Size - vmware esxi 4.1 free

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to figure out how big I should make my volumes; we have an Equallogic PS4100X and we are running vmware esxi 4.1 (free version) with about 50 vmware images of various sizes (20gb - 300gb). 

I am trying to figure out if I should create say two large volumes (Development and Production) and leave it at that, or if I should create my volumes based on how many the individual components can support (mostly the PS4100X).

We had a technician that suggested that we run 8-9 vmware images per volume.  However, I dont have any hard facts, written, to back the statement.

Is there some math formula that I could use to figure out?  i.e.   ( 8 vmware images needing 4000 IOPS, and the PS4100X supporting 4200 IOPS per volume), etc...  Perhaps the issue is not IOPS, but connections.  Etc.  Whatever the limitation may be?

I looked through all the questions and came across a similar question, but I need a statement to the limitation, or a formula to help me compute.  Could someone help me?  This is my first time using a ISCSI, I dont have any experience.



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