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RE: Expand a virtual drive on a Dell Perc 6/i Raid 6?


Hello RobertQuinn,

Here is the Supported way of getting the extra space for your system.

1) Get a backup of your data

2) Delete array

3) Recreate array with big drives

4) Reinstall OS if have an OS on the Array before

5) Restore data from backup

Now there is also an UNSUPPORTED way that you can do this as well & to do it that way is as follows:

1) Get a backup of your data.

2) Rebuild each large drive to array.

3) After all rebuilt Delete array.

4) After the array has been deleted then do a Retag array

5) Do NOT init the virtual disk

6) Create new array with space avail

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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