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RE: Expand a virtual drive on a Dell Perc 6/i Raid 6?


I am in a similar situation and I hope that DELL-SAM L can provide some guidance.

Dell Perc 6/i, Windows small business sever 2011, Dell OpenManage 8.4.

What I have done so far:

-Original RAID was 3 drives, 465 GB each, configured as RAD-5.

-One by one, I replaced each drive with a new 930 GB drive, and then allowed that drive to rebuild before replacing the next drive.

-I then added a 4th drive (also a new 930 GB drive), which was intended to be a hot spare.

-Attempting to get the virtual disk to expand, I reconfigured to RAID-0, and then back to RAID-5.

-Currently I have a RAID-5 array with a virtual disk using all 4 drives, 1395 GB.   The virtual disk is using 465 GB out of the available 930GB on each of the 4 drives.  

What I want is: RAID-5, with 3 active disks and a hot spare.  The virtual disk should be 1830 GB (using all the space on the drives).

I have not yet backed up the data.  The server operating system is on this disk.  I don't know what it means to "retag" the array"

Where do I go from here?  Thanks!


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