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Re: Intel wireless 5100 will not connect to N

I have a vaio fw180d with intel wifi link 5100 driver version and a linksys gigabit router WRT310N Firmware Version: v1.0.06. I spent many hours trying to get them to connect at the decent 130 or 270 mbps  as advertized. There is a way to make it work but it's not always repeatable ( maybe due to interference from other devices, neighbors?)

In the router page under "Basic Wireless settings" settings as follows

Wireless Configuration: Manual 
    Network Mode: Wireless N Only
    Network Name (SSID):  ABAKJASHDKJA
    Radio Band: Wide - 40 MHz Channel
    Wide Channel: 3
    Standard Channel: 1- 2.412GHZ
    SSID Broadcast:   Enabled 


Disable frame burst:

Frame Burst:   Disabled

Set security:

    Security Mode: WPA2 Personal
    Encryption: AES
    Key Renewal: 3600  seconds

On the 5100 I changed the channel width for band 2.4 to Auto.

I rebooted many times afterwards but it would only connect at 65mbps or lower, until the next morning it connected at 130mbps all by itself. Weird! So the conclusion is that there are other factors other than the router/wifi settings that affect the connection speed   


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