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Can I uninstall Dell Mobile Broadband Card Utility?

Hello.  I was having major problems with DMBCU and was told to start using Verizon's VZAccess Manager instead.  Since then, no problems with broadband connection.  The only thing is that the DMBCU sys-tray icon is still there.  It seems to have been semi-uninstalled (if that is a tech term):  I can right-click on it and a blank drop-down menu appears.  I can highlight an option, although there is no text on the menu, and select an option.  I can get the old DMBCU window to open, but with no text on the menus or action buttons.  I clicked on the old "disconnect" button, and it disconnected, but it would not let me connect again until I restarted the computer.

My question is, can I uninstall Dell Mobile Broadband Card Utility through Programs and Features in Control Panel or should I just leave it there in it's basically useless state?  Is it still serving a function?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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