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Re: Wireless card seems slow on my XPS 14z

Hello Peter,

I still have the same problem, after they put in a new Card the 6300. It could be, that you right and the Card is looking for a faster connection. It is hard to explain. I have tested it on 5 different routers. No different results there.

But never just with one router by itself. Will try that next.

When I get about 5 feet to the Router it speeds up to 23MB, but as soon as I get as far as 15 feet it will drop a lot and sometimes disconnects and gets down to 1MB?

Also seems that as soon as it goes through a wall the connection almost is completly gone. Also it is important for that you be on the same level as the router.

If the router is a lever highter, the connection will be poor.

I wonder if two technician who worked on that now, did not see, that the antenna is not working correctly or two week. Those cards have two, but one technicain mentioned three would be better, because of the metal case.

Still waiting to get a call from Dell again?

Good Luck.


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