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Re: Wireless card seems slow on my XPS 14z

Like I said before, apart from the wireless issues we have with 6230, I'm fond of my 14z. Changing to another brand laptop is not what I intend nor would advise. Dell's service is as good as with any other manufacturers (or as bad if you like.) Also I'm convinced Dell would not ship these units if they already know it would cause problems with all of their costumers. So I must assume the majority of 14z & 15z owners do not have the problems we experience. Yet, I believe we are an important enough minority to be heard and taken seriously. That is why I'm in this thread. Now that Terry acknowledged there is a problem and Dell are working on it, my previous posting is answered. Just to make it clear one more time: even if symptoms may vary, the below issues are always the same:

1. very poor range with 14z.

2. intermittant connection with 14z.

3. none of the above with another device.

The above happens with both N and G connections.

Issue #2 can be solved with another driver in my case.

Issue #1 can be solved with an Atherons card in my case (no bluetooth and no intel wireless display).

Conclusion: There's an issue with the 14z & 15z combined with the 6320 under certain conditions. A logic assumption to make is that there is an inefficiency related to the power of the antenna signal under these conditions. Possibly: a too big portion of this power is NOT used to maintain the connection. Why? Don't know. Indeed this is complex.

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