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Re: Wireless card seems slow on my XPS 14z

Ooh I'm so glad this helped someone out, I kept my three forum links open for a week before I got around to making an acct and posting that link!  I had just installed a SSD and now I have two hdds and I was really bummed at the wifi performance...its embarassing.  

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NOTE:  Please search ebay for cdrom hdd caddy and purchase an adapter for the cd/dvd rom drive and install a second hdd in this lappy.  With this configuration and a small ssd in the main bay and a storage drive in the cdrom bay the computer performed well above its price tag...boot up time is 11 seconds from the time of pressing the power button until all 15-20 of my firefox tabs load in the browser, that mean the internet connects almost instantaneously!  An excellent setup.

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