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Dell XPS 17 3D Edition with no 3G

Hi all,

My specific Dell is the XPS 17 with the 3D screen (Model: XPS L702X). I checked product support and on this laptop it states a 3G card is not available on the 3D panel. I'm wondering why did they exclude the 3G card from this laptop. As far as I know, a 3D panel will have no effect on a 3G card (when Installed). Or is it they used the port for the 3G card for the 3D panel which I find highly unlikely.

I have contacted customer support with a ticket but the people that helped me are not very informative, not to mention there use of the English language is atrocious. They just can't tell me a reason, (Out of their scope is the answer), and asking for more support as to how to get one in my laptop just brings me back to square one with them not understanding me and telling me it isn't supported.

Any advice from you wizzes out there to make this 3G card work in this laptop or how to get one in and make it work? 

Many thanks. 

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