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Re: Dell Inspiron N5110 Wireless cannot connect

Well, I've tried both methods suggested here without any success. Dell's driver page is pretty vague after you enter your specific computer (like why does it give me an option for nvidia drivers when I don't have an nvidia supported video card?).  So, I downloaded the probable drivers and installed them in the order on the "How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order" list. No such luck there.

I also contacted Dell. A Dell Support Tech. assisted in trying to resolve the issue. He remoted in to my pc (via ethernet) and tried his best to enable the wireless internet. No luck. After installing, uninstalling, removing, adding, enabling the wireless (without success) -he ran several diagnostic tests and verified that I do not have a hardware problem. While the Dell Support Tech. was very kind, and patient throughout the call, he could not resolve the issue. Since the only disk I could find is the Drivers and Utilities Disk, I asked the technician if this system came with restore CDs. He said it did not. Great. So this has left me with a few questions....

- Why is the Drivers and Utilities CD not an automated process that loads the required, needed drivers onto the computer in the order they are suppose to be loaded? (I've owned several different systems and never had such a problem installing the appropriate drivers).

- Why does Dell not provide an OS disk or at a minimum a system restore disk? I mistakenly assumed that the Drivers & Utilities CD was my restore disk.

- Since this laptop is just an electronic frisbee right now, can I return it to Dell so they can restore the system to factory settings? (I am still under warranty).

Like I mentioned before, I've owned several computers in the past (desktops and laptops) but have never had such a painful experience loading drivers or getting the computer back to factory default settings.

Hopefully Dell can get my computer back to the factory default settings where my wireless internet works. If not, I will not recommend Dell and will not be a return customer.

Thank you for your input.

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